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Konkurs "Zaprojektuj swoją Warszawę"



We invite you to participate in special workshops during this year's edition of UX POLAND, we have prepared for you 8 full-day workshops. Workshops are divided into masterclass workshops and workshops. All masterclass workshops are lead by our keynotes and special guests.

The number of places is limited to 30 people per workshop. All workshops are conducted in English.

Each workshop has been described in full and has recommendations to whom it is addressed. Below you will find the full list of workshops conducted by our guests this year.

Please find one that fits to you and book it quickly before it runs out of places

11 April



Kendra Shimmell - opening keynote

Managing Director of Cooper

Masterclass Workshop: ''The Brand Experience Workshop''

#Brand #DesignStrategy #Infuence

Learn to design and facilitate a workshop that defines what the brand experience should be for your digital product or service. Branding is critical to your organization's success. Most stakeholders don't understand how to create a strategic and effective brand. That's dangerous because word of mouth and first-hand experience have more of an effect on user love than celebrity endorsements or well-toned advertisements. So, how do you get stakeholders into productive conversations about brand? A Brand Experience Workshop is a day-long workshop that encourages important (and fun) conversations about how a brand should be experienced by its users. The Brand Experience Workshop: Gives you tools to express the emotional experience, form and function of a product or service. Provides an opportunity for workshop-leaders to engage with stakeholders in the early stages of brand formation, before a specific solution has been determined. Creates a shared language that anybody can use, regardless of expertise. Generates actionable outcomes that inform decision-making. Builds and strengthens alignment around a brand and what it strives to provide.

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Jason Ulaszek - closing keynote

Founder UX for Good org. and Pricipal of Inzovu

Masterclass Workshop: ''Redesigning the Refugee System for Greater Activist Engagement''

#uxforgood #refugeecrisis #amnestyinternational

More and more, designers are being asked to help businesses make important decisions. Our ability to connect the disconnected and see the unseen is increasingly valuable in generating new opportunities and boosting commercial value. In part, the growth of the design industry's value is being driven by businesses realizing that every great experience is designed - we're helping render the intent of the next great phone, killer mobile app or customer service interaction into reality. And, at times, we're spending an exorbitant amount of energy and resources chasing the opportunity to design for the next greatest "thing". While we admirably practice our craft on these design challenges, improve a customer experience or help position businesses for greater success, we must also recognize the rest of the undesigned world before us. Why are we allowing so many social systems' experiences to exist ineffectively or even when excruciatingly painful? As designers, we owe ourselves the opportunity to fall in love with these problems and mold a response into something better for ourselves, family and friends, neighbors and community. We must be more human-centered, not simply follow a human-centered methodology. It's time we leverage more of our skill for an even higher purpose: solving the world's most pressing social challenges. This talk examines the unique value and power of designers and design thinkers to impact social change. It will provide case studies, current examples and inspiration for designers aspiring to leave a bigger imprint on society.

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Lea Simpson

Strategy Partner at TH_NK

Workshop: ''Two killer methods that lead to unusual thinking''

#reframing #emotionaldesign #designsuperpower

Two killer methods that lead to unusual thinking: 1. Reframing: In this session we’ll learn how to break out of our own preconceptions of how things work by asking questions that help us to reframe design challenges. By the end of this part of the workshop participants will have worked through and reframed a series of design briefs and know how to apply this thinking to their work. 2. Emotional design: In this session we’ll walk through an emotional design tool that helps us to think about design in layers: starting form the most functional and working up to the most charming. Participants will learn how to combine these layers to result in emotional resonance with their users. By the end of this session participants will have applied this to a design challenge and know how to apply this thinking to their work.

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Wyatt Starosta

UX researcher and strategist at Open Table

Workshop: ''UX Research Dojo''

#uxresearchdojo #researchmaster #hiddeninteractions

To some, UX Research looks like a casual conversation - a series of questions and answers that can be mastered with practice. That is not the case. Much like a martial art, research blends skill, technique, and principles in order to be effective.
In this workshop, you will learn several of the most effective research skills and techniques for gathering, analyzing and presenting information.

We will cover some of the basics, such as:

  • Putting together a research plan
  • Best practices for Interviewing users
  • Recruiting participants
As well as some more advanced tactics, like:
  • Guerilla and remote research
  • Priming and “stalking” participants
  • Making findings visual and immersive

But most importantly, you will develop your own research principles that will allow you to adapt to changing situations with the fluidity of a research master!

The UX dojo will be lead by Wyatt Starosta and Stephanie Hon.

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Wiesław Kotecki

VP, uselab

Workshop: ''Smart electricity? Let's design the future of customer experience in utilities industry.''

the workshop aims at identifying innovative customer service solutions for the energy industry. An interdisciplinary team of 25 will be designing new solutions and determining development directions for services in utilities industry by applying modern Service Design methods. Workshop participants will learn about:

  • trends in billing/CIS systems for the energy industry,
  • trends and news in social media, the Internet of Things,
  • design methods and service design (Customer Journey, Experience Scenes).
The workshop is organized in cooperation with Asseco Poland. Asseco, reserves the right to the concepts and their implementation.

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12 April



Jeff Gothelf - opening keynote

Author, Lean UX and Sense and Respond

Masterclass Workshop: ''Lean Ux in the Enterprise''

#leanux #agile #culture

Agile has taken over the software development world. As a result we've created highly-efficient software engineering teams incentivized to get bug-free code shipped quickly. What we've failed to do is empower these teams with the decision-making mechanism necessary to decide:

  • What should we work on?
  • What's the best prioritization for our work?
  • When is it done? (Shipping != done)
  • Is it meeting customer expectations?
  • Should we continue to design and optimize this feature?

It is imperative that our product teams understand how to practice effective product discovery methods which can simultaneously feed our product delivery efforts.

The most effective way to achieve this is in collaborative, cross-functional teams that base their decisions on evidence from the market gained through experimentation and hypothesis. These teams bring product design, user experience, engineering, product management and organizational leadership together in a customer-centric effort to build the right product and to build the product right.

Jeff Gothelf is an expert in teaching teams how to work in this collaborative fashion and has captured these ideas in his book, Lean UX: Applying lean methods to improve user experience.

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Giles Colborne

Managing Director, cxpartners

Masterclass Workshop: ''Advanced Simplicity''

#simplicity #ai #productdesign

Have you ever set out to simplify a user experience and found that everyone around you was trying to add more complexity and detail? Have you ever found yourself caught between customers who demand simplicity and competitors who out gun you with exciting features? Designing simplicity can be complex.
You face some tough challenges:

  • How can I get agreement from my team?
  • How do I know the difference between ‘simple’ and ‘dumbing down’?
  • How do you ‘sell’ simplicity when it’s so much easier to sell features?
  • How do I combine character with simplicity?
This workshop will answer these questions and help you apply the answers to your projects. You’ll learn to use UX frameworks to break down user experience into manageable chunks. You’ll learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning is essential for simplicity in creating mobile and internet of things (IoT) experiences and you’ll learn how to incorporate this into your UX projects. And you’ll get tips and advice to help you solve problems or explain ideas in those tricky design meetings.
Fast-paced and fun, this workshop will give you a chance to try out your ideas with like-minded colleagues.

Product managers, designers and solution architects who want to understand how to design a compelling product or implement a feature will all benefit from the practical exercises, rules of thumb and design tools that will be covered in this workshop. This workshop offers novice and experienced practitioners alike ways to see problems anew and approach them with a fresh set of rules.

  • What is simplicity and how to measure it
  • Strategies for achieving simplicity in the project and product lifecycle
  • How to recognise creeping complexity and what to do about it
  • Tips and shortcuts to creating experiences that feel simple
  • When efficiency matters and who it helps
  • How to explain the importance of efficiency to your stakeholders
  • How to balance the need for efficiency and obviousness
  • Ways of measuring and validating efficiency
  • How to recognise which design directions are likely to be more efficient
  • Tips and techniques to make touch interfaces more efficient to use
  • Creating a roadmap for simplicity and efficiency and measuring return on investment

This workshop includes important new material for 2016.

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Bartek Balewski

Google Expert in UX

Workshop: ''Design Sprint workshop, from challenge to the solutions''

#DesignSprint #RapidInnovation #DesignThinkingWorkshop

Design Sprint is a framework developed at Google Ventures in cooperation with IDEO, it is a new approach to business strategy, innovation and design thinking — packaged into a battle-tested process that any team can use. This methodology involves people from all verticals/departments (Decision Maker, Designer & Developer) to work together, using their diverse knowledge to solve design problems. It gives the companies a strong punch in improving their product/ ideas, by engaging them in Design Sprint activities. In order to speed up the design process, learn from users, validate and pick correct solutions for implementations. Our event will be for 1 full day and will work in a small groups (3- 5 persons). During the Sprint participants will learn: How to tackle a pressing business /design challenge. How to use Design Thinking in practice and Make progress rapidly. The Design Sprint motto: "Speed is the key factor of success for any product."

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Maciej Stankiewicz

Strategy and Digitization Department Allianz Poland

Szymon Staniszkis

Research & Strategy Director at uselab

Workshop: ''Pursuit of innovation for safer and more comfortable life''

Learn how to design innovative solutions working with Allianz, among the 25th most innovative companies in the world, and uselab, the leader in strategic consulting. The goal is to design solutions for digital natives to support in their daily lifes – when working, driving, exercising or follow their passions.

Allianz would like to meet the needs of people in the cities. It’s a search for concepts that will power innovations to make our lifes safer and more responsible. During a whole-day workshop participants will sink into the world of beacons, trackers and wearables. The entire work will be performed with customized workshop tools developed form service design and design thinking. Allianz and uselab designed these tools exclusively for this occasion. Concepts developed at the workshops will be presented to the board of Allianz Poland by their authors and subsequently selected for piloting. All participants will be awarded with certificates by Allianz. * The partner of the workshop, Allianz reserves the right to the concepts and their implementation.

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