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Experience Everywhere

Meet the UX elite from 5 continents in one place!
4 days, 23 talks, 8 workshops, 600 people, the top UX conference in Europe


20 April

Experience Showroom

a unique opportunity to learn and connect before the start of UX Poland

  • 15 case studies presented in TEDx style
  • 400 people
  • 100% practical inspiration
  • international speakers
Interested in speaking?
Send us your submission to

21-22 April

Workshops and Masterclass

workshop leaders from USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands, Poland and more! 

  • 8 all day workshops*
  • 2 masterclass (two day long workshops)*
  • 15 top class workshop leaders
  • delicious coffee breaks

*specific workshops available from 21 February

23 April


high end speakers from all over the world!

  • 9 inspirational talks
  • speakers from 5 continents
  • beautiful venue in the center of Warsaw
  • delightful lunch and coffee breaks

Meet top speakers

from almost every continent from around the world!

  • Werner Puchert

    Digital Experience Strategist

    With 10 years in the South African digital industry, and a professional detour into the world of UX, Werner has done work for multiple brands including adidas, MARS, Nissan & McDonalds. A former Digital Strategy Director at TBWA\ he now applies he trade as consultant at Deloitte Digital.

  • Nathan Shedroff

    California College of the Arts

    Nathan Shedroff is the chair of the ground-breaking MBA in Design Strategy at California College of the Arts. He is a pioneer in Experience Design, Interaction Design and Information Design, and is a serial entrepreneur who researches, speaks and teaches internationally. His many books include: Experience Design 1.1, Making Meaning, Design is the Problem, Design Strategy in Action, and the new Make It So.

  • Kathryn Reeves

    Optimal Workshop

    Kathryn is a writer, editor, and researcher with a background in plain language and information design. She writes and edits material on user research techniques, Optimal Workshop's tools, and the wider design industry. Kathryn's current research focus is on how to use quantitative data to inform design decisions, and, in particular, how to improve an IA with tree testing.

  • Sally Bagshaw

    Snappy Sentences

    Sally Bagshaw is an independent content strategist based in Brisbane, Australia. She works with clients to integrate content strategy into core online and offline business activities. Sally encourages professionals to think beyond digital in terms of user experience, and not forget that the products and systems we design must also be usable for our internal stakeholders.

  • Tracy Bacenas

    Independent Consultant

    Tracy Bacenas is a two-time Emmy nominated film and television editor with many seasons of work on prime time Hollywood series such as Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Bachelor, and Big Brother. A member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and The Motion Picture Editors Guild, Tracy now applies her editing and storytelling skills as story producer and post-production supervisor on television series work, and in developing new shows.

  • Michael Smuga


    Michael Smuga heads up the left-brain of the Operating Systems Group Design Studio at Microsoft. The team is responsible for design of Windows, Windows Holographic, HoloLens, Surface Hub, Xbox, Store, and Internet of Things. Our team collaborates with engineering & business partners to create integrated experiences for our consumers. In his spare time, Mike is usually found exploring the Pacific Northwest.

  • Hammad Khan

    Riyad Bank

    Hammad has a 15 year track record of holistic experience design; working with major brands, agencies and consultancies in London, Europe and North America. Over the last three years, Hammad has worked extensively to fuel the growth of of customer centric design and innovation in the fast growing Middle East market. Now at the helm of the regions first major innovation and usability labs, he is embedding his unique frameworks and toolkits into organisations through skills training and project delivery.

Tickets and Bundles

Early Bird Tickets available until 12 MARCH - SAVE 15%!

Smart Bundle

One day workshop + talks

Free Experience Showroom!

469 EUR

Early bird

Masterclass Bundle

Masterclass (two day workshop) + talks

Free Experience Showroom!

639 EUR

Early bird

Dynamic Bundle

2 one day workshops + talks

Free Experience Showroom!

769 EUR

Early bird

Single tickets

Experience showroom
Experience showroom 20 april 25 EUR BUY TICKETS
Workshop 21-22 april 255 EUR BUY TICKETS
Masterclass 21-22 april 425 EUR BUY TICKETS
Conference 23 april 299 EUR BUY TICKETS

WARSAW - The Phoenix City

Warsaw has a soul, noticeable for almost every Pole and countless foreigners who visit it and fall in love with it. 
Leopold Tyrmand

Warsaw is the capital city of Poland. Totally destroyed during World War II, the past 60 years have seen a rebuilding and rebirth of this country's largest city with a historical and cultural vibrancy that more than aptly reflects its nickname — "The Phoenix City". Undergoing a renaissance on the world's stage, Warsaw is home to exquisite restaurants and pubs, awe-inspiring landmarks, as well as modern must-see museums like the Chopin Museum, Warsaw Uprising Museum, Copernicus Science Centre, and Planetarium.


Matt Lee

Thanks for an awesome week of learning and sharing. By far the best ux conference I have been to.

Andrea Resmini

Jonkoping International Business School

Thanks and kudos everyone at UX Poland for a great conference.

Adam Plona

Wirtualna Polska

It was an honor to be a speaker at the UX Poland 2014 conference. Thanks you guys very much for a great event!

Matt Ventre


Thank you for having me. It was a true honor. I will absolutely be back.

Main sponsors

Media & Sponsors contact

Anna Świniarska

PR & Marketing Manager
+48 535 725 121


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